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the beautiful experience of natural childbirth

We are currently living in an exciting time, where women are learning to claim their magnificence and explore the endless opportunities available to them, we here at I Will VBAC have the same goal.

I Will VBAC is a platform to support VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) mothers to have the beautiful experience of a natural childbirth.

Why? We are doing this because there are many women out there around the world who want to experience a natural child birth after a caesarean section but find their opportunities to do so limited by policies, lack of knowledge or ignorance. We want to provide that knowledge. We want to challenge that perspective and show women around the world, with the support of their VBAC Warrior family & friends, that they can VBAC and they will VBAC!

Our Mission

Our mission here at I Will VBAC is to empower VBAC mothers to overcome the limitations placed on them and claim their own magnificence as mothers with the support of their tribe of VBAC Warrior friends and family.

We want to spread a message that empowers all WOMEN around the world to believe that anything is possible with re-education, support and understanding.

Will you join our Tribe?